NOTICE: Application must be filled out in its entirety. Applications that are incomplete will not be considered in any way. ALL applicants must submit their own application.

Agency: I/We understand that I/We are not represented by Bemidji Property Management LLC's broker or salespeople and that the broker/salespeople represent the owner/landlord. If you desire representation you must enter into a written contract (NOT with Bemidji Property Management LLC), according to state law. This is a disclosure only, not a contract for representation.

Only fill out one application for all available units.

List All Persons To Occupy Dwelling, Including Yourself

Rental Info
Current Address
Previous Address

Other Income

Character References

By signing below, I do hereby authorize Bemidji Property Management LLC and its affiliates to make credit inquiries, verify employment, previous rental history, criminal background & other references necessary to approve or deny this application. I understand that should I lease or co-sign to lease property managed by Bemidji Property Management LLC and I fail to pay rent, fulfill terms of the Lease Agreement or my tenancy results in eviction or litigation, adverse credit reports may be filed with credit reporting agencies. I also declare that, under penalty of perjury, all parts of this application and updates to information on this application I give during the year are true and correct statements, to the best of my knowledge, including identity of all persona under the age of 18 listed on this application. Failure to disclose any facts or truths could lead to a denial of application. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Social Security Number-Bemidji Property Management LLC Will Contact to Obtain

Please attach below proof of any income that you have received in the last month.